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The New Bronco Promises to be a Mix of Wrangler and Raptor, the PERFECT Blend

Well, from the perspective of one guy, I think Ford has done it. They’ve managed to bring back the Ford Bronco and do it in such a way as to please the masses.

Generally, with these storied nameplates, we’ve found that the audience is split over revivals of this sort. At the end of the day, reviving the nameplate is sure to conjure up some sales. However, the court of public opinion can get rather sensitive if the new version doesn’t live up to the legend. Looking through the scope of nostalgia can truly provide some rose-colored glasses, hyping up the old school ride even more at times.

This time, though, it seems like comment sections around the internet are rather pleased with Ford’s offering.

In the reveal on Monday evening, we would finally be able to lay eyes on the 2021 Bronco that seemed like it would never come. For those who are considering grabbing themselves one of these bad boys, they’ll come in three variants – the two door, four door, and Bronco Sport.

The Available Equipment

The truck promises the option of a turbo four cylinder boasting 270 hp with 310 lb-ft or twin turbo V6  that’s capable of 310 hp with 400 lb-ft. The only notable gripe here is that some will likely be disappointed that there is no v8 option. However, we’re sure that the aftermarket will be quick to slap a v8 in before long.

For those going with the four cylinder application, there will be a standard 7-speed manual which is a surprise in the current landscape where the manual transmission is disappearing. For the more powerful V6, the option to have a manual disappears. Instead, the only option will be the 10-speed auto.

The seven-speed manual transmission is equipped with a crawler gear and both variants share a Dana 44 solid rear axle. In other words, it looks like Ford has actually considered the off-road performance of the machine. Imagine that.

According to The Drive, Ford Chief of Product Development Hau Thai-Tang explained “This departure was made in the name of high-speed off-roading, something the Bronco aims to tackle like its Ford Raptor brethren rather than the low-speed-special Wrangler.”

Based on the Ford Ranger T6 architecture will make the Bronco smaller. Speculation had placed the truck sharing characteristics with the F-150 but that simply isn’t going to be the case. In an off-road application, this should be rather handy and will likely position the Bronco closer to a Jeep Wrangler than it would the big and bulky classic Bronco that we’re used to. However, it should have a bit more of a performance edge when it comes to going wide open off-road.

Depending on the package, Bronco owners will also have access to options like a quick-disconnecting stabilizer bar, Electronic front and rear locking differentials, and Trail Turn Assist which tightens the SUV’s turning radius by braking the inside rear wheel. This allows better navigation in those super restrictive areas.

Inside, we find astandard 8-inch display with optional 12-inch upgrade with SYNC4 infotainment standard. The infotainment system will be functional no matter where the Bronco takes you, creating a display from the 360-degree camera system. Off-road maps from NeoTreks’ AccuTerra Maps, Trails Offroad trail guides, and FunTreks trail guides will be available as well.


For those looking to step into a Bronco, pricing will kick off at $29,995 including delivery. The four door model jumps to $34,695. It’s hard to say exactly how much a decked-out version is going to cost but we wouldn’t be shocked to see them climb to $50,000 or more.

The All-New Ford Bronco Family Is Here

Live on the wild side. The all-new Ford Bronco family is here.

Posted by Ford Motor Company on Monday, July 13, 2020


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