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The Next Fast and Furious is Going Into Space – Here’s What we Know

Over the years, the Fast and Furious saga has taken us to a variety of different places around the world. From Tokyo to Dubai and even London, the crew has filmed in all sorts of cities. In a chase around the world that started off as a simple street racing film set in Los Angeles, let’s just say that the dynamic has certainly evolved. Some argue that it’s for better and others say it’s for worse but numbers tell the real story and these films are still printing out billions of dollars… Yes, “Billions,” with a “B.”

So, as the stunts get more extreme, where exactly could the franchise possibly go next?

As we sit in 2021, the ability to expand has really gotten a lot easier. Not only has the franchise been able to put together an absurd amount of money to create the budget to film just about anything they want. The ability for special effects to step in and make things look more realistic has also helped out with the ceiling on what’s possible.

With all these factors combined, it has pretty much been revealed that the next upcoming Fast and Furious movie will be heading into outer space. What started out as a comment in passing from Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, who plays Tej, was since confirmed by Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty, and it seems like we’re exploring the final frontier in the 9th film.

This is certainly going to be a polarizing topic between the hardcore fans of the original and those who like to just sit back and watch some mindless nonsense every once in a while. However, I think that most of us will have our eyes on the results to see what it looks like, whether we want to admit it or not.

Down in the video below, we get to hear from Craig Lieberman, the guy responsible for casting the cars in the original movie. On Craig’s YouTube channel, there are all sorts of insight as to how exactly these movies worked behind the scenes and how decisions were made. From time to time, Craig even takes the moment to chime in on recent Fast and Furious news, and in this one, he gives us everything that he has heard about the franchise heading to space.