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The Only Proper Way to Put Christmas Lights On Your Tree

When it comes to be that time in the middle of December when everyone is gearing up for their own respective holiday, it’s quite easy to get festive and bring our passion of racing and horsepower together with the holidays which is precisely what we see here in the most creative way that you could imagine!

It’s only natural that someone finds a way to tie together cars and Christmas in some sort of viral video and this year, a Christmas tree is the center of attention as a racecar heads out to do some donuts while decorating said tree with bright and shining lights as the flavor of the 2016 Christmas season is here.

This driver and passenger combo has their chemistry on point as they are able to come together in perfect harmony to carve out quite a symmetrical circle around the tree while draping the branches with festive adornments. This is really one way to get a gearhead in the spirit!

Check out the video below that takes you inside of this Christmas decorating drift and tell us what you think of this attempt to get into the holiday spirit. What would your ideal version of getting yourself ready for the holidays with a high powered vehicle look like?