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The Ram TRX is Officially Being Discontinued, Here’s Why it Failed

When the Ram TRX became a reality in 2020, with its release set for the 2021 model year, it felt like the answer to a longstanding plea from the performance community. It seemed like the most logical step to take a high-horsepower engine, typically found in a muscle car, and squeeze it under the hood of a pickup truck. Enthusiasts had often pondered why such a thrilling combination had never materialized. Such a step seemed so easy as many times, the architecture between a truck and a sports car from under the same umbrella is shared anyways.

Then, Ram stepped in with its unwavering commitment to delivering something extraordinary for the performance community, and thus, the TRX was born. This 702-horsepower pickup truck, powered by Hellcat architecture, swiftly earned a place of reverence among enthusiasts.

Fast forward to 2023, and we received the surprising news that, just as quickly as the performance truck dreams were fulfilled, the TRX would be bidding farewell to the lineup. The final 2024 model is scheduled to roll off the assembly line on December 31, 2023.

This leaves us all to wonder what exactly happened. As the model seemed to be popular among enthusiasts, it seems like a rash move for Ram to just cut it off so early in the run.

In this instance, we join The Fast Lane Truck as they reflect on their experience with the TRX, a truck that was truly one-of-a-kind and even compelled some competitors to up their game by injecting more horsepower into their offerings.

Here, we take a moment to appreciate precisely what the TRX brought to the table and ponder what the future holds for a company like Ram. While rumors circulate in the mill about the potential resurrection of the TRX nameplate, it appears that, for now, it won’t return in the form of a supercharged V8-powered truck.