The REAL DEAL 600hp ‘Bandit’ Trans Am That Was Owned by Burt Reynolds Himself

When moviemakers set out to make a film, I’m sure that they all have different ...

When moviemakers set out to make a film, I’m sure that they all have different goals in mind. Whether those goals are based on money, entertaining an audience to the fullest extent, or something else, it’s really hard to predict when a film is going to come out that’s going to become a cultural sensation. Some of these movies really speak to a whole generation or subculture and are regarded as films to be respected and talked about over and over again.

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In this one, that film just so happens to be Smokey and the Bandit. When it came out, the movie was among the first of its kind to have one of the main characters be a car that stole the show and captivated the hearts of many. This was certainly new territory in the film industry and when they laid it out, it just so happened to catch on with just about everybody who had a passion for a set of wheels. Therefore, as the film escalated to legendary status, the Bandit Trans Am went along with it.

Now, during filming, these cars went through the wringer. While there was still special effects back then, it was nowhere near as complex as it is today and that meant that multiple versions of the Pontiac had to be thrown through the air, drifted sideways, and eventually crashed to become shells of their former selves in order to get that perfect shot. As a result, none of the original cars are left roaming the streets today but, with some people who are little bit handy with their rides, plenty of replicas can be found that are as good as if not better than the original movie cars.

The video below will take you along for a guided tour of one of these replicas that is a pretty awesome example. Not only was the car owned by Burt Reynolds himself, but with a bunch of updated styling cues and an LS7 under the hood that makes 600 hp, this Trans Am has really been given the modern-day treatment of power that allows this bad boy to compete with a lot of the sports cars that you see rolling off of line today. Be sure to tell us what you think of this updated Bandit and how it compares to the original in your eyes.

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