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The Reaper Camaro Is One BAD BITCH!

The Reaper Camaro Is One BAD BITCH!

With the amount of money that enthusiasts are throwing into their cars these days, it’s difficult to truly differentiate yourself from the pack, especially with late model performance.

The owner of this Chevrolet Camaro managed to do just that and more when he turned his fifth gen into a loud and rowdy machine of the ages. “Different” is practically this guy’s middle name!

Check out the video of the single turbo beast below, the sound it makes when it hits the dyno for 1100 ponies is unmistakeable! Oh yeah, did we mention that the 1100hp was with the rear tires failing to grab traction?

So Reaper and Vengeance walk into a bar… nevermind, just check out this WICKED old-school Camaro.

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