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The Second Full Hit Ever In The New Murder Nova, Ride Along In The Cab!

It’s Outlaw Armageddon week, and Shawn is in full-on test mode in the new Murder Nova as the race draws near. Yesterday, we saw the first pass with the car, a decent looking run on what sounded like a fairly soft tuneup. The car bit hard but pulled to the left. It was hard to tell if Shawn pedaled the throttle to reign the car in or not, but it seemed to come alive on the top half of the track.

Now we can see the second hit on the car and it looks to be a little hotter. The car sounds so amazing at idle it’s not even funny, and as soon as the boost comes in, the badass ProLine small block under the hood takes on this sinister growl that only a boosted engine can produce. Once the car is ready, Shawn releases the transbrake and the car once again bites hard into the Thunder Valley surface, planting the rear tires and wheelie bars hard into the asphalt. The car once again pulls left, requiring a little more input on the steering wheel than Shawn would prefer, but he wheels it back straight and once again, the engine screams to life up top.

There are still a couple of days left before the event kicks off, and with that much time, look for this car to be hooking hard and going straight before the gates open and Outlaw Armageddon 2017 kicks off. Between Big Chief and Shawn and the whole Midwest Street Cars crew, there’s no doubt they’ll have things ironed out in no time. It looks like a couple of four link adjustments, maybe shifting a little weight around and the car should be tracking straight down the track. Having crawled all over this car while it was being built, I can tell you there’s plenty of places for tweaks to be made, it’s just a matter of tracking down what to adjust and how much!