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The Self Locking Pintle Hitch is Revolutionizing Trailer Hitches!

If you’ve ever towed a trailer, you know it can be quite a hassle to hook the truck and trailer together, especially if you don’t have somebody to spot you while you’re backing up to the trailer. While there are special mirror and backup cameras that help, they are an added expense and still don’t always work as intended. This hitch helps solve that problem in a pretty simple but clever way.

By using a donut-shaped ring instead of a ball, the Hit-N-Hitch eliminated the need to carefully judge distance between the ball and the trailer. With it’s pintle latch in place, the hitch simply requires you to back all the way up to until the ring triggers the pintle, dropping it into place and catching the ring, holding it securely in the hitch while you get out and lower the trailer down into the bottom of the hitch. As it drops into place, the latch drops again, pinning the ring securely into the bottom of the hitch itself. Finish rolling up the landing gear, hook up the emergency chains, and clip the locking in into the pintle and your trailer is secured and ready to transport.

Give your trailer a quick walkaround to check things out and hit the road. When you’ve arrived, simply pull the safety pin and flip the pintle up and jack up the trailer. Once it’s firmly standing on it’s own two feet, you’re ready to drive out of the hitch and go on about your business. The hitches are not only built of incredibly strong materials, they’re quite reasonably priced, checking in at around $150 for the hitch and ring featured in the video below.

That’s a very decent price given the convenience and safety you’ll find the hitch offers over a traditional ball design, both of which are invaluable in our book!