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The Sherp Takes on Impossible Moab Rock Climb

In the community surrounding off-roading, enthusiasts will debate what exactly is the best way to accomplish a variety of different challenges. When dissecting the art of going off of the beaten path, there are all sorts of different ways to build a vehicle. For example, perhaps the goal at hand is to rock climb which houses a completely different set of rules than the ones that apply to those who are looking to blast through the mud at a bounty hole. There are a lot of nuances to consider like ground clearance, tire type, and even the engine under the hood no matter which facet the enthusiast is digging into.

No matter how hard other folks will try to come up with all sorts of different combinations and how good these combinations might look, it seems like the Sherp is one impossibly engineered vehicle that manages to knock down all of the competitors that it faces. Whether this thing is climbing up the rocks at Moab like we see here or hitting a bounty hole, the unlikely vehicle does it all. The machine that is more tire than it is body, or at least it would seem, manages to not even flinch before knocking off some of the most challenging obstacles in the off-road world. Throughout this video, it doesn’t even really seem like the Sherp much struggles as it takes on some of the most challenging rock climbs in Moab, a notoriously challenging landscape of terrain.

By following along with the ostacruiser video below, viewers will be able to immerse themselves fully in the action. It’s quite impressive to watch as this monster of a machine in quite a small package ends up eating up the terrain at hand before asking for seconds. After soaking in all that the vehicle has to offer in this one, it almost leads the mind to wonder what they will do with the Sherp next. Personally, I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching this maniac blasts through the most challenging terrain in the world without breaking a sweat.