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The Shifter All The Big Dog Street Outlaws Are Using! The M&M Transmission SHIFTER

When it comes to extracting every single ounce of potential out of your racecar, seemingly minor details can end up making all the difference. A wise man once told me that ounces make pounds, so if you take every single opportunity to lose a few ounces here and there, you will end up shaving a lot of weight off of a car by the time the build is complete. One area that a lot of people may overlook as an opportunity to shed some unneeded weight is the shifter mechanism. While there aren’t many shifters out there that are specifically heavy, not all of them are built to be as light as possible. However, as racers themselves, M&M Transmission saw an opportunity to look at the shifter itself and build one from the ground up with a focus on making it as light as possible while maintaining the precision they’ve built their reputation on.

This shifter is not only lightweight and precise, it looks great and comes in a variety of common shifter patterns used in racing applications. The perfect finishing touch to your racecar’s interior and an ideal mate for an M&M Transmission, this all-billet aluminum shifter is anodized black, with a few factory accent colors offered, as well as custom color accents available by special order. M&M can also engrave custom logos onto the shifter for a truly unique gear selector to handle your shifting duties. Even if you’re not running one of their transmissions, this shifter will work with any of the transmissions mentioned and the precision build will ensure you always shift accurately and smoothly. Check out the video below and see why some of the quickest cars on the track and the street have made the switch to M&M’s badass new shifter.