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Woman Jumps on Hood of Car to Stop Thief

While I have personally never been there, I would assume that having your car stolen is about one of the most helpless and violated feelings that you could possibly have. For this woman pumping gas, she would soon have to face that reality and look it in the eye. However, she wouldn’t just stand by and take it as it came to her. She would end up doing everything that she could to stop it!

In this video, we watch as a couple of criminals roll up on this woman and her Subaru and attempt to steal it right out from under her while she’s standing there! Instead of just letting them roll off with her car, she instead decides to hop on the hood and try to do everything that she could to keep her set of wheels in her hands.

We watch as she bravely jumps on the car, attempting to do whatever it takes to get these guys out from behind the wheel of her ride. As the criminal jerks and weaves the car around, she hangs on for dear life before he finally gets out and lets her keep it. However, he left the car in gear and it began to roll out into heavy traffic but, with some quick thinking and even quicker actions, the owner was able to hop inside and slam on the brake pedal at the last second.

Check out the video down below that captured the entire sequence that shows off this unbelievable action as it unfolded in an everyday gas pumping situation. How would you react if you were pumping gas when, all of a sudden, someone hopped in your car and attempted to steal it?