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The Smart Key Fob That Tells You Everything About Your Car Before You Get In

This video features an idea that is currently little more than just that: an idea, a concept, a possibility. However, if you think about how things have progressed over the past few decades, it’s honestly a surprise that something like this doesn’t already exist, and now that I’ve seen it in concept form, it feels like an almost certainty to become reality within the next couple of years at the longest.

What you’re looking at is described as a “smart key fob”, and while this video may be a bit ambitious, it honestly does surprise me that something similar to this doesn’t already exist. We’ve had the technology to lock and unlock our cars remotely for years now, and even the ability to push a button in our pocket and crank them as well. The key fob to my SUV even allows me to lift the back door open without having to lay a hand on it.

I haven’t really looked into it, but I remember seeing an OnStar commercial that featured and app that lets you interact with your car via the internet from anywhere in the world. It seems only logical that these two technologies be combined to create an interactive key fob that allows you to monitor and control several aspects of your car’s operation from anywhere you have a cell signal. According to the video, you could check things like whether or not the doors are secured and locked, the car’s current fuel level, maintenance items such as how many miles until you need an oil change, and the temperature control settings for when the car is running while awaiting your ingress.

Of course, it would also offer the “basics” like locking and unlocking the doors and starting the car for you, along with the option to kill the engine, you know, for those times when you decide to drive your other car, or perhaps to take a nap instead. This technology would be right at home in 2018, but seeing as how there’s right around 60 days left in the year, I’m going to pass this one off to 2019 and hope somebody comes through and makes this a reality.

Smart Key Fob

This smart key fob concept brings everything you need to know about your car to your fingertips via sqcircle.com

Posted by Interesting Engineering on Friday, September 28, 2018

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