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The Strongest Bass in the World… Wall of Speakers!

Bass is a powerful thing. We’ve seen it shatter windshields and obliterate a bag of potato chips in seconds using only the power of rapidly moving air. Massive speakers oscillate the air so rapidly that some crazy things happen inside vehicles with massive walls of speakers, so the logical progression is to build a wall of subwoofers the size of a movie theatre screen and set it up outside to show people just how powerful the music can be.

This wall of speakers has over 200 subs blasting the surrounding people with a moving wall of sound waves that, even several yards away, jars the camera and sends nearby girls’ hair bouncing to the rhythm. There’s even a can on the ground bouncing as if there’s a small frog trapped inside! While we don’t know how much power is pushing the wall of speakers, it has to be s few million ways just based on the sheer number of speakers and the obvious force they’re blasting the surroundings with. It has to take a lot of juice to move enough air to shake a camera that appears to be about forty feet away.

We’d love to know more about this display and maybe where we can check it out for ourselves. If anybody out there knows how much wattage this thing is pushing, post up in the comments and let us know. Maybe we can build something similar for our office to turn on when random salesmen or ricers show up wanting to get in and check things out. Maybe we can build one to take to the track and set up behind the starting line to help “push” races off the line to a quicker sixty foot, or maybe they can use a wall of bass to stop cars from running off the end of the track if the chutes fail to open.