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They Claim It Will Lift an Engine Block

Sometimes, when you have a particular job at hand, more complex tools can really help to get the job done, however, on a variety of occasions, you don’t really need to go overkill and instead, make use of technology that isn’t exactly cutting edge. This time, in fact, we take a look at a tool that was inspired by technology that is centuries old. With a little mechanism that’s known as the “Nifty Lift” that appears to be built much like a block and tackle lifting device, this crafty little creation is designed to strengthen a piece of cord and make it able to help you lift whatever it is that you need to.

By using pulley technology, the simplicity in this thing is amazing yet it can really do some heavy lifting, or help you to lift, at least. It might not be the most complicated thing in the world but if it gets the job done, what more can you ask for? Adding something like this to your collection of tools that could potentially take on a variety of different jobs is always a good idea, as well. Having something simple and versatile could really prove to pay off in the long run if you use it on a variety of different applications.

Check out the video down below that will take you inside of the Nifty Lift and show you exactly how it works and what it’s able to accomplish. After watching this thing go to work, do you think that you’ll be willing to add something like this to your own personal collection? I don’t know about you guys but I personally might have to go out and snag one of these for myself for some of those heavier lifting applications to make them a little bit easier on the back.