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The tiller man on this firetruck is a straight up boss!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on January 5, 2021

Firetrucks aren’t exactly the most shining example of precision vehicle handling, unless you add in a badass tiller man to the mix. The tiller – a driver who rides on the very back of the fire truck and actually steers the rearmost axle of the rig to control to add a whole new element of control and precision to the bulky fire engine.

This video catches a fire unit hurtling down he highway en route to an emergency, and we get to see the tiller doing his thing. You’ll notice the entire engine seems to change lanes all at the same time as opposed to the tail following the nose that we see in most every other large rig. That’s the tiller doing his job, and this guy does it as smooth as any.

The tiller can also help the unit make tighter than usual turns when needed, a capability that can save precious moments when the unit is en route to a fire or other emergency. These firefighters are highly trained and work often to keep their skills in tip-top shape so they can provide us all with the best possible help when the need arises.

Firetruck Maneuvering through Midtown Atlanta


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