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The Titanic Might Just Have Sister a Ship Coming Soon (Titanic 2!)

Could you see yourself aboard the Titanic by choice?

At this point, I think it’s probably safe to say that the Titanic has probably become the most famous ship in the entire world and for not-so-great reasons. For those who have been living under a rock, the ship featured in the 1997 film by the same name was infamous for being unsinkable and then driving straight into an iceberg and sinking. The catastrophe was incredibly fatal, as 1496 were lost in the wreck while only 710 were saved.

Certainly, this was big news to be remembered in the history books but the fact that James Cameron put together a movie about the ship has cemented the story in pop culture history. We would venture to think that the design probably would’ve been left on the bottom of the ocean otherwise. On the contrary, since the ship has gone down, there have been others who have wanted to build another.

Creating a second version of such a tragedy probably seems like a pretty bad idea on the surface. After all, why would anybody want to set sail on a replica of the ship that killed so many people? On the other hand, though, such a tourist attraction would likely bring big money from thrill-seekers who likely realize that such a replica is incredibly unlikely to go down like the original. This is especially prevalent when we hear that the replica versions have been discussed at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and involve modern ship designs and more safety precautions.

…but still…

In any case, though, no “Titanic 2” has come to life just yet. Down in the video below from Bright Sun Films, we check in with the numerous projects that have attempted to bring the Titanic back to life. While none of them have been successful just yet, we would venture to say that eventually, somebody will create a second version of the most infamous ship in the entire world.