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The Top 7 Worst Failed Cars That the Auto Industry Would Love to Take Back

With a seemingly endless supply of money to be able to design cars, it would seem like automakers kind of have everything figured out. At the end of the day, they spend countless hours, manpower, and money to try and figure out what the market thirsts for. By the time that all of the focus groups have concluded and engineers have figured out how to bring these concepts to life, we would think that most models would be a sure-fire success when they hit the market.

In reality, though, this isn’t the case sometimes. While the vast majority of automotive models have some sort of success, others really just seem to fall flat on their faces. Honestly, when looking at some vehicles, we can’t help but wonder how nobody thought to speak out against them before they hit dealerships.

While some of these examples are just downright bad as we check in with the top 7 worst failures in the automotive industry of all time, others might’ve just been a little bit too far out of the box.

Just because we can’t exactly get down with the design of something like the Pontiac Aztek isn’t to say that it was a complete waste. Instead, maybe it was just an idea that was too abstract for the general public to really be able to grasp onto. I know that I struggled to understand the design personally and speak for many others who think the same.

Down in the video below, though, we check in with some of the ugly ducklings of the car community. Perhaps, some of these examples might just stand as a little bit of precedence for automakers who are looking to make different moves. Whether it’s extreme budget-cutting or creating something incredibly off-the-wall, this list really has some interesting stories to dive into.