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The TRUTH about WD 40 vs Headlights!

If you’re looking to keep your ride clean, there are so many different ways to skin that cat. Even when it comes to one particular aspect of keeping your ride shining, there might be multiple different ways to grab the ultimate cleanliness. Depending on what your preferences, you might switch it up just a little bit but if you ask a buddy how he or she likes to clean a certain part, they can have a completely different routine than you do. One part of your car that most certainly falls into this category would be the headlights.

A lot of the time, when a vehicle gets older, the headlights that are exposed to tons of sun beating down on them are going to be one of the first things that begins to be covered with oxidation. Now, the oxidation not only looks bad but it begins to degrade your plastic over time so it’s important to take care of if you plan on keeping the current lights that are in your ride.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to see how just one of the many potential ways to clean up your lenses as it goes down. As many people tell you, the WD-40 method might last for a short period of time but after a while, you’ll notice that it doesn’t actually restore the lens but instead leaves it to fade again before too long. This is a topic that is commonly debated in the automotive detailing field, we’re not truly sure if there actually is a right answer to end all of the confusion and debate. However, if you’re just looking for a quick shine, this might be a nice way to add another layer of cleanliness to your ride that you love so much.