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The Truth Behind Dubai’s Amazing Cop Car Fleet

With a spin of the globe, we see the way that different communities choose to police their citizens. Here in America, we might do things one way. In other areas of the world, the norms can be completely different. This comes in both physical policing and the justice system alike. An example of this is the police force in Dubai. Even those who aren’t really big car fans might’ve heard about Dubai’s police. It’s all because of a little something that they do to improve their relationship with the people of the city.

Spending time or money to break down barriers between police and civilians is certainly not uncommon. However, the way that Dubai does it is really above and beyond what we’ve ever seen before. When we think about it, that kind of falls in line with a lot of what Dubai is known for. As a whole, the area seems to be very extravagant. No matter if it’s architecture or what the folks there are wearing, some of these individuals really know how to spend some money. The police force brings more of the same and it’s delivered in a way like many of us never could see coming.

If we were to say that the police had procured a high-end car to help start a conversation with citizens, the first thing that probably comes to mind might just be a vehicle that’s a little bit higher end than average. Perhaps it’s a nice Chevrolet Corvette or Dodge Charger that would fit the bill. Nope!

Instead, Dubai is able to feature some of the vehicles that even the most hardcore collectors would love to have in their garage. We’re talking about the likes of the Bugatti Veyron, different Aston Martin models, and even a sprinkle of McLaren. The area known for wealth has developed the police force of cars that is so well known. Because of this, it seems as if they have fallen into a situation where automakers actually compete for presence in the fleet. When this happens, we get the extravagant lineup showcased in the Supercarblondie video below.