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The Ultimate Basshead-Mobile: 62 Speakers of Deafening Sound

No matter what corner of the automotive customization world you happen to be living in, there are all sorts of different ways to spell out “Impressive.” In one corner, maybe a single digit quarter mile pass down the drag strip is how you impress everybody around you and in the other, maybe something like a sound system that reaches high and hits hard on the decibel level is that thing that you can be proud of. One of the most beautiful things about all of these different subcultures coming together is that they can be appreciated as a whole. At the end of the day, hard work appreciates hard work and that certainly is what we see here.

This time, we see a custom Chevrolet Tahoe that has certainly had a lot of long hours invested into trying to bring this thing from a clean and passable daily driver to something that will stop at nothing to put on a show and make everybody stop and stare. As the vehicle was, as the owner put it, clean but nothing really special, over the years, the man behind it all has decided to take his own little personal touches and make this thing something that was “really special” and we have to say that we think that hit the nail on the head here.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll learn all about what it would take to bring this Tahoe from a factory machine all the way up to something that dreams are made of, complete with 62 speakers that are sure to rock you with lows and highs, taking you through an audio wonderland. From top to bottom, it looks like this Tahoe is decked out with just about everything to really make it pop off of the canvas and come to life. Mission accomplished!