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The VP Racing Fuels New Surecan Gas Jug Design Is The Way Of The Future!

If there is one thing that never really made sense, it would probably have to be the complexity of plastic fuel canisters. For one reason or another, the plastic jugs that delivered gas from the pump to whatever vehicle of your choosing have really seemed to make the process a little bit more difficult than it really should be. Whether it be because of complicated safety measures that are designed to keep you from spilling gas everywhere, but really just end up not helping you to get the fuel out of the can at all, all the way to stiff spouts that will undeniably make you dump a little bit of gas on the ground when you go to pour it, these things really never lined up their features in the right way when you think about it.

This time, we check out a new twist on the gas jug design as brought to us by VP Racing Fuels. Who would be better suited to design such a mechanism than a group of folks who hang out around fuel and has to transport it all day? This time, we check out a design that brings a completely new twist to the mix, taking the spout from the top of the can to the bottom.  In this way, you can avoid unnecessary measures that add extra steps to the fuel transport process and can help you to avoid spillage along the way.

Follow along with the video down below as we do a little in-house competition to see if the VP Surecan gas jug is better than a traditional jug. After this one, we get a feeling that you’re going to be questioning why we have been using the same method of fuel delivery for all this time. This design really proves to be not only simple but incredibly effective as well. Why didn’t I think of this!?