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The Wildest Fighter Jet Low Fly By Compilation, F-15 and F-22

While, for the most part, the hobby of plane spotting is one that is relatively safe and free of casualties, sometimes, there are scenarios that will truly blow your mind as close calls come into focus and leave spotters with their breath taken away, wondering if they want to continue to pursue this high-intensity hobby.

This time, we check out a collection of low flyby videos as captured by spotters that put them right into the heart of the action. It looks like, in most cases, these people just simply weren’t ready for the blazing fast fighter jets to come as low as they actually did! It really causes a frenzy on the ground.

Follow along with these brave sightseers who pull out their cameras and will do whatever it takes to get the best shot possible even if it means losing a little bit of hair off of their heads in the process. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that close but we have to say that it most certainly does seem like it.

Ride along in the video below that shows the flybys first hand and tell us what you think of these wild rides. Something like this most definitely has to be the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Heck, it might even knock a couple of years of your life when your heart skips a beat like that!