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This 2015 Kenworth T680 ARI 144″ Sleeper is Every Racer’s Dream Rig

When talking about life on the road, sometimes, it can be a little bit difficult to be able to have a lot of the comforts that you’ve become accustomed to when living at home. For most, that’s just the way that it is and there’s not much you can do but cope with what you’ve got while you’re on the move!

However, if your funds will allow, getting something like this 2015 Kenworth T680 ARI 144″ Sleeper will allow you to bring every single amenity that you could imagine with you when you head out onto the road. This thing is really strapped up with just about every last item on the wish list of someone who travels frequently.

On the outside, this rig is pretty flashy but that isn’t where the most impressive part of it lies. It isn’t until you venture to the inside that you find some truly impressive components. This massive machine has everything from a kitchenette that will allow you to make decent food while out on the road to a television that’s complete with a PlayStation.

Check out the big rig in its entirety down in the video below that outlines everything that you’ll find within the walls of this home on wheels. Something like this would most certainly be a very welcome addition to the fleet of any race team. This machine or one like it is probably at the top of the wish lists of plenty of racers!