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The World Record For Shortest Airplane Landing is Less Than 10 Feet

When we think of some of the craziest world records, it makes us realize just how many records there are to break. In fact, one might say that there is a world record for just about anything that one might be interested in doing.

When it comes to aviation, we’re sure to find a whole variety of these records. With this one, we dig into a record that’s incredibly interesting to watch. In fact, we can’t take our eyes off of these attempts as they would end up making their way into the history books.

On this particular airstrip in Valdez, Alaska, we watch as a highly technical flying display takes place. This demonstration wouldn’t be high up in the air, though, as one might be quick to think. Instead, the STOL, or Short Takeoff and Landing Competition is a showcase in precision that’s very close to the ground. These pilots really need to be on their A-game in order to take home their spot atop the podium.

With the demonstration, we watch as airplanes take off and land, attempting to cover the least distance doing each. It’s a lot crazier than it sounds! We were practically biting our nails as the pilots attempt what almost seems to be impossible.

Following along with the video below, we’re able to tune into the demonstration that is probably new to most. Once you’re in, though, we think it might just become addictive. This competition looks to take an intense amount of ability and even a little bit of airplane customization to make something magical happen.

Hats off to these people who are able to take their place with such records. That’s quite the amount of commitment and knowledge necessary to be able to knock it out of the park. We wouldn’t even know where to start!


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