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The World’s Biggest Karting Track is Now Open in New Jersey

Do you have a never ending need for speed and competition? Well, if you live close to Edison, New Jersey, we’ve found the place for you. Supercharged Entertainment is now open and shows off what might just be the most epic go karting experiences in the country.

Of course, when it comes to going karting, you want to get the most bang for your buck and if you’re looking for the biggest track possible, this facility boasts that title. Supercharged Entertainment says that it’s “Home to two uniquely designed tracks, both over a quarter-mile long with 10 elevation changes.” The tracks allow racers to “Experience the rush of navigating these multi-level tracks, all while breathing easy in our zero emission, 80,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility.”

In other words, if you want to compete in a race against your friends that have slow cars – this is your chance to do it!

The facility’s website doesn’t say exactly how fast its karts can go. However, they do say that they have two different speeds – a “Pro Speed” version designed for experienced drivers over the age of 15 and a “Semi Pro Speed” design for inexperienced drivers or anybody under the age of 15 that can meet the height requirements.

For those looking for the indoor ride of a lifetime, single race packages are $29 while they also offer three race bundles for $78 and five race bundles for $125.

As an East Coast resident, I could say that there has definitely been something like this missing from the landscape here. Fortunately, it seems like the crew behind this particular endeavor went all-in with the aim of creating a competitive adventure that rivals the price of going to the movies.

Below, we check in with The Coaster Spot who dives into the facility in more detail to tell us what to expect at Supercharged Entertainment New Jersey.