The World’s First Manual Demon! Drive And Dyno

By: Morgan Buniel   March 28, 2024

In an era where the allure of muscle cars is often overshadowed by the latest electric vehicles, ScrapLife Garage has ignited the automotive world with a groundbreaking project: building the world’s first manual Dodge Demon. This ambitious endeavor transformed a fire-damaged 2018 Demon, acquired at auction, into a one-of-a-kind beast by marrying it with Hellcat parts and a manual transmission. This remarkable transformation demonstrates ingenuity in car restoration and revitalizes a model previously bound to automatic transmissions.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, a beacon of Mopar’s engineering prowess, had its spotlight momentarily dimmed by the introduction of the Demon 170. However, ScrapLife Garage’s latest venture has propelled the original Demon back into the limelight, proving its enduring legacy as the epitome of muscle car power and exclusivity.

Historically, Hellcats offered both automatic and manual transmissions, but the SRT Hellcat Redeyes and the 2018 Demon were automatic-only models. By retrofitting a manual transmission into a Demon, ScrapLife Garage embarked on a challenging but highly rewarding journey. Their project car, a salvaged shadow of its former glory, bore the scars of fire damage. Undeterred, the team meticulously sourced parts from donor Dodge Challengers, navigating the painstaking process of restoration and adaptation.

The extensive rebuild addressed every aspect, from using a 2018 Hellcat’s wiring harness to intricately adjusting the manual transmission. Initial attempts to start the engine were met with mixed success, highlighting the complexity of converting an automatic Demon into a manual masterpiece.

One of the critical challenges was integrating the Demon’s dual fuel pump system with the Hellcat’s electronics, designed for a single pump. This issue epitomized the project’s complexity, requiring innovative solutions and a deep understanding of the car’s engineering. Despite these hurdles, the ScrapLife team’s persistence paid off, culminating in a triumphant moment when the car roared to life, albeit with a few teething problems like a malfunctioning water pump and fuel compatibility issues.

The project’s climax was a test drive that demonstrated not only the car’s raw power but also the nuanced challenges of such a unique build. The team methodically overcame obstacles, demonstrating dedication and expertise, from incompatible parts to fuel calibration issues. The final dyno test revealed an astonishing 826 hp and 696 lb-ft of torque, affirming the success of the manual Demon project and its potential to redefine muscle car performance.

This venture into uncharted territory has not only provided a thrilling narrative of automotive innovation but also underscored the importance of manual transmissions in preserving the visceral driving experience associated with muscle cars. The ScrapLife Garage project stands as a testament to the creativity and resilience of car enthusiasts, proving that with enough passion and technical acumen, even the most audacious automotive dreams can become reality.

In conclusion, the manual Dodge Demon project by ScrapLife Garage is a monumental achievement that merges past and present, manual and muscle, in a seamless symphony of automotive excellence. It serves as a beacon for future builders and enthusiasts, proving that the spirit of innovation can unlock new realms of possibility for even the most iconic of muscle cars.