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10 Affordable Muscle Cars That May be Poised for a Spike in Value

When it comes to buying cars, many enthusiasts don’t do it for potential monetary appreciation. In fact, most of us go in the car market with the idea that we’re basically guaranteed to lose money. This is compounded for anybody who decides they want to modify a car. Even for those who choose to let their ride remain in stock condition, while it might be special to us, to the rest of the world, even a sports car is simply a depreciating asset in most cases.

However, for anybody who watches auto auctions like Barrett-Jackson or Mecum, it could be difficult to avoid wondering which vehicles are next to bring major money. Of course, some sort of ride has to fill the void so why couldn’t it be that old bucket of bolts sitting out in your garage?

While the exact science behind figuring out which cars are going to bring the most money in the future is something that not many people have figured out, there are some indicators that might lead analysts to make an educated guess about the future value of specific models.

In this particular case, we check in with a YouTube video from our host, MagnaLume, who talks about 10 relatively affordable muscle cars that all come in under the $50,000 range. These machines that are in good and original condition have been grouped based on their expected investment return over the next five years.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with some familiar nameplates that are host seems to think are going to skyrocket in value in the near future. After checking in with this one, be sure to tell us which members of this list you think will boom in value at auction in the coming years and which ones are simply busts.