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There Is Nothing Stopping This Guy From Being Late To Work… Not Even a River!

Sometimes, you just have to get the job done, even if it means making a pretty risky decision that puts your life at risk. In the video below, you’ll see a man spend a few moments analyzing a pretty sketchy situation and making a decision, one that a lot of people would be hard pressed to make.

You can see the big rig approaching this flooded roadway from behind the lines of cars on each side of the road. As the drive eases ever closer to the edge of the rushing water, you can almost feel the tension in the air from the onlookers and the driver himself as he weighs the risk vs reward of crossing the rampaging water. Then, just as it seems like he may decided to stop and back away, the driver grabs a gear and barrels into the water, sending a buzz through the onlookers near the camera.

The rig, fully loaded with several massive logs, stays planted on the roadway despite what looks to be a couple of feet of fast flowing water working to sweep the truck downstream. The driver keeps his foot planted and the torquey diesel powerplant has no problem pulling the rig right across the flooded river. In a matter of seconds, the truck clears the other side and continues on to its destination, delayed less than a minute by the treacherous crossing.

While this guy made the crossing just fine, it seems likely that anything weighing less than a loaded eighteen wheeler would have been swept away immediately, so don’t use this footage as a reference point for deciding if you should cross a river in your car or truck. If you’re in a regular vehicle, there’s zero percent chance you make it through this. Use a little common sense and find an alternate route or wait on the waters to subside or you could find your self in a brand new four-wheeled submarine.