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These are Jay Leno’s Favorite American Muscle Cars

If there is one gearhead that we would have to say is that the top of the mountain of other gearheads, Jay Leno would be that guy. Jay has been known for having quite passion for cars and with the money to back it up, he has created a hell of a collection. This time, we dive into it to see some of his favorites.

Throughout the years, hundreds of selections have presented themselves for the best muscle car ever created and just like everyone else, Leno has his on personal opinion on which ones are the best. In this one, Jay spills the beans on which are his favorite, well, out of his personal collection at least.

From a ’71 Hemi Dodge Challenger to a Ford Galaxie 500 7-liter to an Oldsmobile Toronado boasting north of 1000 hp at the rear wheels, the selection is quite diverse even though it all falls within the same general category.

Each of these cars brings its own something special and unique to the table and we have to admit that all of them are pretty fun to look at and learn about so check out the video below to take a dive inside as Jay Leno walks us through some of the favorite pieces he has in his collection.