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These Are the Top 3 Used Trucks You Should Never, EVER Buy!

As time marches onward, automotive manufacturers, just like many other industries, have been taking notes. Therefore, as the building blocks have been laid in place, we find that it gets rarer and rarer that an automaker puts out a machine that is astronomically bad or unreliable.

However, in order to get to this place, some of these so-called building blocks have been both bad and unreliable for a variety of different reasons. There are instances where even our favorite manufacturers just so happen to miss the mark by a wide margin, releasing a dud into the market for their poor customers to be stuck with. All manufacturers have these black eyes on their record and this time, the crew over at The Fast Lane Truck took the opportunity to dig into some of those blunders.

In a recent video, our hosts at TFL headed to the auto auction to discuss the top 3 trucks that they don’t think anybody should ever buy. Some of them are so bad, in fact, that they have gathered a reputation around the enthusiast watercooler for being downright awful.

Whether it’s build quality, mechanical issues, or perhaps even just a general feeling of being underwhelming from head to toe, these trucks seem to take the cake in terms of rides that most consumers would probably just rather avoid altogether.

Realistically, there are so many good cars out there on the market these days that can be had for a reasonable price that most of these models just aren’t really worth messing around with if you don’t like an experience filled with headaches. Hopefully, a list like this can get out to all of the right people before somebody ends up with a set of wheels in their driveway that ends up creating a sizable hole in their pocket.