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This Podcaster Found the Best Way to Deal With Facebook Marketplace Lowballers

Anyone who has done some selling on a platform like Facebook Marketplace has been there. You’re just trying to sell whatever, when all of a sudden, someone with no common decency comes along and tries their best to ruin your afternoon.

As sellers, we all hate lowball offers but what one man did to spite a lowballer is certainly going to go down as one of the best responses to a Marketplace interaction ever.

It turns out that this individual featured on the circleofdrift podcast had some car parts up for sale. To be a bit more specific, he apparently was selling the interior out of a Nissan 240sx S13, a car popular in the drifting corner of the enthusiast community.

When approached by a potential buyer, the seller said that he would let go of the seats for $100. Now, the S13 community isn’t my expertise but a quick browse through the comment section seems to imply that the seats generally go for north of $500.

The buyer asked if the seller would be able to do any better on price with the already solid deal and, being the generous guy that he is, the seller said to bring him two cases of beer. He tells his podcast listeners that he just wants the stuff to go to someone who can make good use of it so he didn’t seem bothered by the buyer’s frugalness.

However, when the buyer tried to negotiate from two cases of beer to one, the mood certainly changed. This is when the story takes a twist and the seller tells us that he decided to throw the seats in a fire and send a picture to the lowballer.

Was this a waste of money? Certainly

However, we have to say this might just be one of the most satisfying Facebook Marketplace encounters that we’ve ever heard of.

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