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These Guys Drive Their Tank to the Gas Station… Totally Normal

What do you do when your tank is out of fuel?

You take it to the gas station and fill it up, obviously. Or at least that’s what these British dudes do when their Scorpion Light Tank is out of fuel. Ride along just atop the turret as these fellas mount up and roll down to the local Tesco filling station and top off their unconventional ride, as if it’s no big deal. And to be honest, nobody around them on the road really seems to be freaking out about it either, so maybe this is a common sight in Great Britain.

We love the growling whine of the powerplant chugging through the streets as the guys take in some fresh our outside the access hatch. Have you ever seen a tank at a convenience store? If so, tell us about it, and share any pics or video you might have! We would love to know just how common this is.


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