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These guys start up a heavy tank destroyer after 65 years of not running

When you check out these videos of old machinery breathing new life again, it’s really neat to see and think about all that the engine in question has been through to get to the point where it is now when the history flows out with a couple tweaks and the turn of the key.

In this demonstration, we get a double dose of such that feeling as we check out some incredibly old Soviet technology that has been scraped up from its temporary resting place to be tinkered with once again just when it might have looked like this thing to be left to rot in the ground.

With a couple of key changes here and there and a little bit of tender loving care, the ISU-152 “Zveroboy” tank is able to come alive once again after the World War II relic was lost in a Ukrainian Village for some 65 years.

We’re able to ride along with the intense machinery in the video below. Check out the revival effort for yourself. Seeing something this old come back to life again is really a treat. It’s pretty easy to be mesmerized by old mechanical technology like this.


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