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These Homemade Backyard Roller Coasters Seem Like an Especially Bad Idea

When it comes to a lot of things, there are a ton of ways that you can go about cutting corners and doing things on your own to save a little bit of money. However, I think that most people will be on the same page and agree that sometimes, it’s just not worth saving the money as the risk could be a lot higher than the reward, whether it be anything from buying the store brand all the way up to, oh I don’t know, building a roller coaster in your back yard. It might seem like a childhood dream but to me, I see it turning into childhood nightmare rather quickly.

In this one, we watch and learn, seeing how exactly a group of people has decided to design their very own roller coasters and erect them in their back yards. For now, it looks like the coasters are actually doing a pretty good job of working just as they should but as someone who is always a little bit hesitant to accept anything at face value, I’d like to see how these work in the scheme of things as time goes on. For some reason, all that I can see when I watch these things in action is someone dialing up 911 because something terrible has just happened.

Follow along down in the video below to get a tour of a couple of homemade backyard roller coasters, some of which are actually built on quite a grand scale. After getting the tour of all of these contraptions, be sure tells what you think of the group, perhaps picking out a couple of your favorites. Do you think that it’s a cynical look to take one peek at these things and see absolute disaster or do you see these roller coasters living a long and fruitful life free of danger?

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