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They Now Have a Bendpak Lift For Your RC Car!

In the remote control corner of the world where hobbyists spend lots of time and effort in order to create all sorts of different things from fantasy machines to real-life simulations, you see some pretty wild situations unfolding in front of your eyes. Sometimes, these wild things may consist of something like a car that is designed to reach insane speeds or maybe even a monster machine that’s able to tackle even the toughest of terrain, showing us that just because something is of a scaled down size doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to back down from an obstacle.

This time, however, we dive into the simulation aspect a little bit to check out an accessory that has been designed to go along with a remote control vehicle that might be a pretty nice little touch if you’re looking for something that resembles your real-world situation on a scaled-down basis.

If you’ve ever worked on a vehicle and had the pleasure of using the best tools that you could ever want or need, you might have had access to a vehicle lift that would allow you to move around underneath and now, it looks like remote control enthusiasts will have access to the same thing as a miniaturized two-post Bendpak lift has been created in order to satisfy even the most detail-oriented remote control car enthusiast.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this add-on that we think that you might just fall in love with as the structure is too neat! If you’re anyone who has ever considered about getting serious about the hobby of remote control vehicles, this is definitely one thing that you’re going to have to think twice about adding to your collection because it’s simply too cool to ignore!

Now this is happening.

Posted by RC Car Action on Monday, July 2, 2018

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