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They Want How Much?! Rare 1998 Turbo Supra Asking Price is Absurd, Walk Around.

It seems as if everybody’s always trying to figure out what the next big thing is in collector cars. Even the experts can sometimes be a little bit confused about what kind of vehicle is going to be the best investment. We would probably recommend staying away from automobiles as investments in pretty much any capacity unless you really know what you’re doing.

For those who own the turbocharged version of the MKIV Toyota Supra, their lucky day might’ve just come around, though. Recently, it seems like this generation of Supra has been spiking dramatically in price. However, there is one example floating around the web that really seems to exceed the rest. We’re not sure if these guys are on to something or if they’ve lost their minds.

Whether or not somebody is going to pay half $500k for a 1998 Supra remains to be seen. Unless there are factors that maybe we’re not catching onto, it looks like this is simply an extremely mint example of the car. As far as options, it is pretty rare and has only 37,257 miles on the odometer.

The machine is said to be 1 of 24 sold in the Quicksilver color with a six-speed manual transmission. With the prices of the Supra spiking, this car might manage to set a precedent. On the other hand, like others that we’ve featured, it might just be a publicity stunt. Frankly, we’re leaning a bit toward the latter.

in a complete amateur move, we went to the Kelley Blue Book. The trusted source for reporting automotive market values couldn’t come up with a number due to a lack of recent transactions. However, they did indicate that the average listing is a shade over $51,000. However, the market seems to be all over the place.

When it comes to actual sales, we were able to find one on eBay that managed to attract a final bid of $115,000. It’s not apparent if the bid was actually followed up with payment or not. Over on, the highest asking price is $112,900 for a black 93 turbo car. The most expensive example we could find, excluding charity auctions, was at Barrett-Jackson. That car would bring in $176,000 this past summer for a Limited Edition15th Anniversary car.

They want how much for the Supra?!

The Asking Price On This 1998 Supra Is Rather Astounding! Half Million Dollars Seems A Little Steep, Doesnt It?

Posted by Classics Daily on Thursday, November 21, 2019


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