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Things Get Heated When The Memphis Crew Sneaks into the Race Spot and Starts Trash Talking

If you’ve had an eye on the Street Outlaws, you’d know that this racing crew is no stranger to the drama and it seems like, when other crews come into town, said drama gets even more intense as people are willing to do whatever they can to take home all that money and gather their spot in the limelight. We’ve seen over and over again.

This time, the action heats up when the Memphis crew sneaks into the 405’s race spot and JJ Da Boss pushes himself to the forefront to make sure that his loud and proud voice is heard as he basically calls out the 405 and wants to take a shot at Chief himself for some big money!

As you could imagine, this situation lacks no heat and you can basically feel the tension that could be cut with a knife right through your screen as these two go back and forth about exactly what they are going to do out there on the racing surface and the stipulations that back that race.

Check out the video down below as the pair goes back and forth and eventually ends up setting up a race that’s going to be one that you are going to want to lay eyes on. Sure, the racing alone is enough to keep us entertained but when you have personalities like this backing it all up, you really get into something that’s worth watching! I know that I’ll be ready with my popcorn to watch it all unfold.


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