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This $2.6 Million 2500 hp Center Console is an Absolute GAME CHANGER

Sometimes, when we look at certain boats, we can’t help but leave our jaws on the floor. With an example like the 60′ Midnight Express Pied-A-Mer center console, there’s a lot to love. Seriously, even for people who don’t know a ton about boats, this thing will turn heads just about everywhere that it goes.

Complete with a 15-foot beam, the vessel is rather large for a center console. However, it still takes advantage of every last square inch of space. Where there isn’t function packed in, there’s some sort of luxury. Not only does the boat have the highest in technology at the helm. Occupants will also find high-quality materials throughout. While center consoles are traditionally thought of as pure fishing boats, this one really goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The 30-foot-long console in the middle of the boat also features a pair of master cabins that are available to be customized with the buyer’s own personal touch. Different finishes and layouts are available to tailor this boat to whoever decides that they want to get behind the controls.

To top things off, the vessel is actually LS powered. Yes, we’re talking about the same variation of an engine that can be found in street cars like the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 or Cadillac CTS-V. More specifically, the  627 outboards by 7 Marine make use of the all-aluminum GM LSA 6.2L supercharged v8. When all is said and done, the vessel is capable of about 2500 hp or so.

This time, a pair of videos gives us the grand tour of the boat and also shows us a little bit of time in the water. Once this bad boy opens up, it has to absolutely scream as the supercharged LS power propels it through the water, surely making it feel nimble on its feet even though it is quite the massive machine.

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