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This 2-Story Travel Trailer Takes Life on the Road to a New Level

When it comes to those behind recreational vehicles, they definitely have an uphill battle sometimes. Every year, a new technology comes along that has buyers expecting more and more out of their RVs. With that and a stout competition around the industry, these RV companies need to be on their toes in order to stay in the game.

Sometimes, that means taking a chance with something different.

Without having worked in the industry, I think that it would be a reasonable guess to say that one of their primary concerns is making a lot out of a little. Naturally, when one hits the open road with the RV of their choosing, they can only take so much with them. However, with the right tricks and equipment, it would be reasonable to think that someone could make the most of a little bit of space.

This time, we check out another chapter in that book that takes us to a unique layout. Instead of a single story, this particular RV takes on two stories. In a world where it will be hard to expand in length or width, expanding in height might be a reasonable way to make the most of the available space. At the end of the day, pulling a long or wide trailer isn’t very practical. However, something a little bit taller could be reasonable to pull without having too much of an issue.

By following along with the video below from Big Truck Big RV, we definitely get the awesome opportunity to dig into exactly what that looks like. A two-story RV is definitely something that has our attention. However, this is something that would have to be executed at a high level to truly work out. Otherwise, such a concept could end up being a dangerous flop.

Does this particular model have what it takes to succeed? After checking out the video below, we think that we all might just have much more insight into that equation.