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This 5-Year-Old Kid Pilots Himself to School on a 40 MPH Boat

Here in America, for the vast majority of children around five years old all the way up through high school, they don’t really have to think too hard about how it is that they’re getting to school. Even for those areas where transportation might not be as accessible and families might not be as fortunate to have a car to get them around, school buses do the job pretty well, delivering kids from their homes to school without the kids really having to think too much about how it is that they’re going to make it to school to get their education.

However, when you look at an area like Bangkok, one of the most heavily populated areas in all of the world, things might not be so clearcut. In this situation, we meet an extraordinary young man who has a father who seems to truly care about him from what we say can see as he takes it upon himself to give 5-year-old Tanadet Petnoi a little bit of education outside of the classroom while also providing him with a way to get the school that is unlike how most other kids probably make their way to the classroom, even in a city like Bangkok.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be up to see why and how this five-year-old is responsible for piloting himself to school on a boat every morning. If you think back to when you were five years old, even if you didn’t have your parents dropping you off in the morning, I’m pretty sure that you probably didn’t have a way of getting to school that was quite like this. Just imagine how skilled this youngster is going to be behind the controls of the boat by the time he’s a teenager.