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This $50 Million Mansion Has a 20 Car Underground Garage

The underground garage had me sold within the first minute of this real estate video, if only it weren’t for that pesky $50 million price tag. This is one amazing piece of property and one of the most opulent homes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Situated on an oceanside lot in Vero Beach, California, this home is up for sale. The tour begins right where it knows the selling point will be, at least for those of us who are into automobiles. The camera follows as our host – in his screaming yellow Ferrari – cruises through the underground car park, which houses some gorgeous rides in its present state, before heading back up to take the tour into the home itself.

If you stick with the tour, the house itself looks like something out of a movie, dripping with over-the-top luxury at every turn, and even features a helicopter in the back yard and a dual-engine fishing boat moored to the dock, but there’s no more footage of the garage, so that’s kind of a bummer, as we wanted a better look at the cars down there. I think when I hit the Powerball or come up with “that one app” that takes off like wildfire, I’ll head west and kick the owners out of this place, just so I can have this awesome garage to call my own!