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This Boat Has a Cummins Diesel Engine and Yes it’s Fast

For those who dig deep enough into the internet, there are tons of interesting combinations to be found. Whether it’s a race car powered by some sort of obscure power plant or maybe a common swap found in a mud truck, there are different strokes for different folks that can be found just about everywhere. This time, we check out a platform that not too many folks are probably familiar with but, when reading the details, they might just fall in love. This boat is all that and a bag of chips as it delivers on so many different levels.

Instead of some sort of generic power plant that one would traditionally find it such a boat, this one has something special going on. In order to power the vessel, Cummins diesel power was enlisted. A diesel engine in a boat isn’t necessarily something that is new. Lots of larger vessels will make use of one or maybe even two diesel engines. This isn’t any large boat, though. In fact, the 600 hp Cummins absolutely makes this thing just about take off. It looks like the combo is nothing short of a blast on the water. When speed meets water, it’s bound to be a great time.

Down in the video below, we get treated to quite the experience. Not only do we get to see the sights and sounds of a Cummins swapped boat but we also get to see it in action! There’s just something that really draws us into this build and makes us want more of it. After watching something like this in action, it almost makes us want to go get creative in the garage. There’s something to be said about this type of ingenuity. When it all comes together like this, it’s pretty easy to be impressed!