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This Custom Bagged Powerwheel Truck Lays Frame and Throws Sparks!

When you find a way to be really passionate about something, there’s some aspect of that passion that you just want to share with everybody. If you have kids of your very own, said passion can really come to life as you do your best to deliver everything that you enjoy to your own flesh and blood. Sometimes, this can be something as simple as bringing your kid outside with you to wrench on your car or truck and other times, these little bonding moments can expand all the way to expensive hobbies, getting the little ones involved in all sorts of different ways, shapes, and forms.

This time, we check out an interesting display that takes father and son bonding to an all new high as dad seems to have hooked his little one up with about the ultimate play thing. Sure, some kids might be lucky enough to have mom and dad pick them up a little Power Wheels to roll around the block in but for this kid, his miniature Dodge Ram would be pumped up to a whole new level entirely, showing off some features that dad hooked up that make it unlike any other on the market. This thing is truly cool and I think that most parents would be excited to see their kid wheeling around something like this. I’m sure that seeing the look in this little guy’s eyes was more than worth it for all the effort that put into this one.

Instead of just your everyday Ram, this one is fitted with not only a complete custom light system but also an airbag suspension that allows this mighty little truck to lay on the frame and throw down some sparks whenever this little youngster decides that he wants to step his game up a little bit more. There’s certainly no denying that, with this kind of a ride, little man is going to probably be the coolest kid in the neighborhood.