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This Dual V8 Engine Go Kart Buggy Machine Looks Like One Hell of a Ride!

With the right tools, a decently padded bank account, and an idea of what you’d like to put together, you can build just about anything that you want. No matter how crazy it is, if the vision is there and you know the proper steps to get to that end goal, you can build just about whatever it is that pops into that crazy head of yours and that’s the most beautiful thing about being able to wrench on cars.

The vehicle pictured here is the perfect example of that idea as we check out a car that most certainly isn’t something that’s anything near conventional. In fact, this thing might have just been a far-fetched idea that slowly but surely came together and painted a bigger, more cohesive picture.

The bottom line here is that this dual engine go kart buggy of sorts looks to be an absolute blast to drive, no matter how you slice it. In this one, we only get a small sample size, but something tells us that when the driver gets the chance to open up the throttle, he really ends up giving everyone within an earshot of this thing a show as it absolutely screams and its weightlessness helps to throw you around the corners and keep that adrenaline flowing dor the entire ride. There’s something about a well-done unique vision like this that really keeps your eyes peeled and get you curious as to what’s going on and how’s everything is working together.

Follow along with this unique set of wheels down in the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of this twin engine monster. One thing is for sure, if you’re anything like me, you’re now really curious to see what this thing looks like at wide open throttle. It has to be the ride of a lifetime!