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This Duramax Powered K30 Might Be A Truck Lovers Dream!

I love when somebody builds a project that combines things from two different eras, especially when they think outside the box and create something truly unique. This fits that in every sense.

While new custom trucks are certainly cool, I’ve noticed a trend lately that I really love. I’m starting to see a lot of folks making the switch to older truck body styles, especially the “square body” trucks from the mid 70’s through the late 80’s. Square bodies are known for their timeless styling and solid construction, making them ideal candidates for projects that will stand the test of time in more ways than one.

This particular truck, a massive Chevrolet K30, is absolutely stunning. If you had told me somebody out there was going to take a K30, lift it and bolt up a set of chrome wheels with a deep dish, I would have said it would likely look ridiculous, and I’d have been wrong. That’s exactly what happened, and the finished product is nothing short of gorgeous.

From the billet grill – an accessory that only looks good on certain rides – to the dripping black paint to the ultra-clean interior and the addition of cab and tailgate lights, the custom touches on this truck are subtle, but very effective. Then there’s the lift, suspension and wheels and tires, which are the opposite of subtle, but work with the overall look of the built to create one awesome truck.

To top it all off, there’s a late model DuraMax diesel under the hood, combining the great looks of the project with the power, torque and reliability of a modern diesel powerplant. All of these factors work together to make this one of the most striking and appealing truck projects I’ve personally seen in quite some time, and I would love to either build something similar myself, or just buy this one if the opportunity ever presents itself.