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This Flame Throwing 1940 Buick Will Make You Warm!

When it comes to all of the different cars in the world of wheels, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. This time, we catch up with a builder who was looking, first and foremost, to put on a show with the product of his blood, sweat, and tears as it has come to life in this 1940 Buick.

On the surface, we have to admit that the Buick is pretty darn cool, but it isn’t until the driver goes out and starts to put on a show that we can really appreciate everything that the car has to offer. When it’s fired up, the car proves to be a lot more than meets the eye as it gets into its magic act.

With the turn of the key and a couple of revs, the old-school American iron is spitting out hot fire, quite literally, as the tailpipes emit a gigantic stream of flames that’s enough to make the crowd cheer with joy as they watch the loud and proud Buick do what it was born to do.

Check out the video that shows off this side show that gets a little bit hot. It’s even accompanied by some sirens that the car is hiding out underneath somewhere. If one thing is for certain, we’d have to say that this chopped up old school ride most certainly looks to be a lot of fun. We think that all of the people who were on hand to witness it for themselves would most certainly agree.