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This G-body Malibu Gets Down! Ripping Up Donuts All Day!

Most of the time, traction is considered a top priority, especially if you’ve built a car like the one in the video below. The Chevy Malibu – the late 70’s and early 80’s editions – is an iconic ride, combining the muscle car formula of rear wheel drive and V8 power with family car styling that made the Malibu a bit of a sleeper from the get-go.

The Malibu, and most G-Bodies, make great drag cars because the suspension works well for planting the rear tires and the roomy engine bay can hold anything you want to drop under the hood, so you will find them at the track on the weekends and often on the street as well. However, most of them are built and upgraded to increase traction.

For the guy in this clip, traction seems to be more of a hindrance. While this Malibu is hardly set up for drifting, with the bigger rear tires trying their best to hook throughout the video, you can tell this guy is just trying to cut loose, literally, and have some fun on this makeshift skid pad.

Just going by experience, I’m going to guess this is a healthy small block under the hood, probably a traditional small block with an aftermarket cam to bump up the output just a tad. The car has some classic steelie-style wheels with smaller front tires and a nice beefy radial out back, a pretty common combo for any G-Body that gives the car a nose-down stance seen often on the drag strip.

The driver does his best Ken Block impression, although it’s pretty clear this guy is not quite up that level of expertise when it comes to sliding around on the edge of control. However, there’s no doubt he’s having a great time, and at the end of the day, that’s what this hobby is all about: getting behind the wheel of a car you love and doing whatever it takes to put a smile on your face.

I’m not gonna lie, this really makes me want to go out and whip a few donuts myself!