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🎥This Garage has a Lift Built Right into the Floor

If you spend a lot of the time in the garage, there’s a good chance that you’re continuously adding to your tool collection, picking up bits and pieces here and there so that when you need something, it’s right at your fingertips and ready to roll. This time, we check out in addition to a garage that’s incredibly slick, to say least. When you need it, it’s more than ready but if you don’t, it’s nowhere to be found as it neatly tucks itself away and the floor and nobody would even know it’s there unless you went and pointed it out to them.

In this one, we check out the situation that has this garage owner not only owning a lift but a lift unlike any that you’ve probably ever seen before. Instead of just slapping any old lift in his garage, this guy decided to do a little bit of custom work, making the fit and finish on this one just as good as you might find in somebody’s kitchen or bathroom. We definitely have to say that this guy added a little bit of extra flavor when it comes to exactly how he takes care of his garage. It’s incredibly cool to watch this thing in action as it easily lifts up the Porsche above it before descending into the ground to hide away.

Check out the video below that will show you the system in action as it definitely comes through and delivers on being one cool piece of machinery that just about everybody would want to add to their collection. After seeing this one for yourself, tell us if you would be willing to go through the work that it would take to bring something like this to your very own garage. One thing is for sure, this piece looks to not only be functional but probably would also start up quite the conversation as well.

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