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This Guy Has Driven Every Hyper Car Ever, His Favorite is Wildly Unexpected

As somebody who has experienced a lot of cars myself, I think that this particular VINWiki video puts it quite well when it says that sometimes, you should just never meet your heroes. I think that this phrase is especially something to consider with cars because after you look at a car that is or seems to just do so well in so many ways, sometimes, it might be close to impossible for the machine to live up to these expectations in real life. Sometimes, the expectations might not even be fair as you see these machines as something impossible to get your hands on and therefore, they must be something so incredibly great, right?

As it turns out, many cars in the hypercar realm do have something going for them that makes them one of a kind and an experience to drive. However, as our well-versed hypercar enthusiast here seems to think, sometimes, the uncomfortable nature of one of these cars might be exactly what makes it unique and worth the investment that you’re putting into having such an experience. It might sound a little bit crazy but in his eyes, until you’ve experienced some of them, it’s something that you might just have to take somebody’s word for.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be given an idea of what some of the world’s most prestigious hypercars are like, all from the point of view from somebody who seems to have driven just about all of them. When we get around to the point in the video where it’s time to maybe pick out a favorite or two, you might be a little bit surprised by his decision here. After all, one of the best-performing factory cars that this individual has driven isn’t necessarily one that is all that far out of most average peoples’ price ranges.