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This Guy Took A Motorcycle, and Built Himself An Off-Road Trike!

Sometimes, when you get a person who has a little bit of ingenuity and enough space along with time to put something together on their own, you never really know what it is that you’re going to come up with. After all, with a brain that goes at a million miles per minute, those folks who tend to be good at working with their hands can come up with some pretty crazy concoctions that end with a product that you have got to see to believe. Sometimes, the inventions make sense and other times, they’re just fun to look at. This one might just be a concoction of both of those ideas.

Basically, what we’re seeing here is none other than a Franken-vehicle of sorts, one that takes the liberty of considering several different platforms and mending them all together into one big picture. Essentially, what we’re seeing here is the fusion of an old-school Volkswagen as put together with a Yamaha motorcycle and stretched out just a little bit that gives the whole thing a unique look and an off-road capability that might just surprise you a little bit. At the end of the day, it’s an insanely obscure looking set of features that all come together as one that looks like a good time, if nothing else.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the step-by-step process that allows these two machines to make their way into one. It’s not every day that you see something like this come to life so you might want to keep your eyes peeled because this one is sure to be chock-full of surprises. After all, there is no particular handbook to making these types of creations work out so this one is going to involve quite a fair share of creativity and ingenuity. Otherwise, we’re sure that it will fall flat on its face.

Homemade trike offroad.

Frankentrike! A Volkswagen Golf and a Yamaha bike stitched together. . .Credit: mastermilo82 – goo.gl/SZWbCb

Posted by Viral TRND on Saturday, December 1, 2018

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